How can organisations be assigned to sales queues in bulk?

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I've loaded a few thousand records (Organisations and contacts) into Pipedrive and now need to assign these to specific sales queues (EG300-500 at a time). So far, all the knowledge bases / community discussions suggest that it is not possible to assign these in bulk which seems counterintuitive.

Are there workarounds / suggestions? I prefer not to have to manually select 500 records at a time to assign to my sales team....


  • Lucas MAGNE
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    You can make some bulk modification for your organizations on the listing view :

    By clicking on the square on the left of the "Name" column on my screenshot, you will select all the organizations of the view and can make the bulk modification with the page on the rights, with the owners.

    Take attention to the right filter before to select the bulk edit.

  • JP
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    Thanks Lucas, this is useful for selecting an entire list, but doesn't solve the problem of selecting 3-500 from a list of thousands. I'll find a way to filter differently, cheers.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @JP , for bulk-editing a very large number of lines (hundreds to thousands), you can also use the method of updating data using a spreadsheet. This article shows you how that works: