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New: Files in Leads 📂

Manuel Oliveira
Manuel Oliveira Admin Posts: 788
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edited December 2022 in What's New #1


It is now possible to

  • Display files in the lead details
  • Create files linked to leads using public API
  • Link to leads from files in other entity details (organization, person)
  • Preserve file links when converting a deal back to a lead, and also merging leads


Gradual release to all customers throughout December 2022


  • Can I get on this early? I haven't seen it hit my account yet.

  • Dear Manuel,

    I wanted to provide some feedback on your recent release text:

    • Your release text is quite confusing.
    • One could interpret your message to mean that the Documents tab is now available in leads as well.
    • I would appreciate more precise descriptions, as this would save the support team the effort of having to explain the feature to me afterward.

    Answer Support:

    Ah, I see what is the case. This feature is released for all users directly, but it might not be explained correctly

    You cannot directly link files to Leads, BUT files will show under the Lead if they were received in a different way. Such as a customer filling out a WebForm and attaching files through it

    After the Lead gets created after the webform is submitted, the files will be visible under the Lead

  • Great, but when we will see all the email and phone detail from a contact in a Lead ? Waiting for this since a year.