"Lead converted to deal on" - filter not available for a specific time period

Trying to find a way to see the conversion rate of leads that were converted into a deal in a specific time period, e.g. "conversion rate in % last month." It seems to only be possible to find either how many of the converted leads were converted, or, a conversion rate in % but based on when the lead was created. A lead can be created weeks or months before converting to a deal so it doesn't make too much sense and the data could change over time.


  • Noora Ainesjarvi
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    Hi Tobias,

    Use a filter?

    BR, Noora

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  • Hi Noora,

    This would show the data based on when the lead is created, not converted. E.g. if a deal is created in December but converted to a deal in January, it wouldn't show up as a converted deal for January using the suggested filter.

    Choosing lead converted to deal filter, just shows all leads converted to deals during the selected time period.

  • Hi, you are correct.

    I think what you want is impossible, because in your proposal (E.g. if a deal is created in December but converted to a deal in January) in January you don't have a convertion figure that could be shown in a percentage: It will show 100%. I understand what you are aiming for, but seems hard.