Auto import of deal number into BCC field

I love the new updated deals etc BUT not so happy that we've lost the ability to click on the deal person, open outlook and to have the bcc field populated with the deal number from Smart BCC. Can you reinstate?



  • They are trying to force us to upgrade. I just wrote them concerning the issue. You get the function in Advanced. They have actually made Essentiel crappier.

  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Stuart Cooper

    I believe you are talking about our new Detail deals view? As this is a new update, there might still be some small errors here and there and this sounds like one. Please check exact behaviors with our support team via in-app chat or [email protected].

    @René Juncher Michelsen, I have asked our team to reach back to you about this. We need to understand the exact issue ongoing to help further. I believe you only had a reply from our bot currently.

  • Just had a long chat with Catarina from Pipedrive. They have found a bug in their system and working on solving the problem. Thank you for your assistance.