Expert email quotes that will help you improve your campaigns

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Looking to inspire your next email campaign?

Here’s what three experts have to say about email:

“People talk about what they care about.” – Nikki Elbaz, email consultant at

When you write emails about what your customers are interested in, they’ll be more likely to read them and buy any related solutions you’re offering.

“No one cares about you and your company.” – Bruno Bin, VP of marketing at Rocket.Chat.

Not as motivational, but just as critical – emails need to be focused on the customers and how your company will serve them.

“I do believe stories work. I just don’t think they have a place in newsletters every single week.” – Liz Wilcox, email marketing specialist at

Too many stories could end up having a negative effect on your recipients. Liz recommends using small points of connection to engage readers without overwhelming them.

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