Possibility to upload your company logo in the top left corner

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For example the video below is of phoneburner ( a dailing software) that allows you to change out the logo so the company thats choosing to use their software feels more pride in using it over competitor dialing softwares. I was thinking of how companies can make this platform (pipedrive) feel more "at home" for the entire teams and I thought of an idea! Imagine the possibility to upload your company logo in the top left corner instead of the default pipedrive logo! I believe it would make companies more loyal to stay with pipedrive in the long run and it will keep the company's team all aligned with their mission/reason behind why they choose pipedrive over other platforms! 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Desh Singh I like that idea personally! Let me put this in the group here so we can discuss it 🚀 

  • Shara Surabi
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    would love to be able to change the logo!! and domain..

  • Szymon Korzeniowski
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    Yes, most of other systems gives such a possibility. Good idea.

  • David Gruhin
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    Any movement on this?

  • Administrateur_69820
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    It would be great if we could add out company logo on our Pipedrive forms.

    It would look more professional.

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    Would love the opportunity to add company branding to Pipedrive similar to almost all of our other SaaS apps. Any timeline on when this might become a feature?

  • Alessandro
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    Would love it and appreciate the adaptation

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, this is being changed to a feedback post for higher visibility to other users and our team. Feel free to continue upvoting and sharing your use cases!