Uploading attached products to Deals

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Not having the ability to upload attached products to (past) Deals is a real headache because it means we can't get any meaningful product sale data out of insights. We barely use the insights functionality because it's so limited but one report we do need is product (and product category) sales.

With all of our previous orders (imported from a previous CRM) not having attached products, and no functionality to upload or add in list view, it's a real headache - any chance this could be added in the future? I can't believe we're the only business needing this!

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  • Bill Kelly
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    This functionality would also be valuable when creating or importing new deals -- i

    • if there was a way to attach a product in the deal import file, perfect solution.
    • If there was a way to create an automation that would attach a product to a deal BASED ON some field in the deal (like if the deal were about a particular product line, attach the standard package from that product line), that would be pretty good.
    • The ability to at least add products to a deal from the list view would save significant time and brain damage.