Recurring revenue - Am i doing something wrong?

We sell a SaaS-product and use the recurring revenue option within Pipedrive. Our backend automatically updates the current subscription value to our client's deals.

Today we found out that the total recurring that Pipedrive is showing in reporting doesn't match the totals within our backend. After digging for some time, it seems like the total recurring revenue that Pipedrive is showing, doesn't match the sum of the actual recurring revenue within the deals.

This is how we came to this conclusion:

  1. Generated an overview of recurring revenue. Pipedrive shows the total recurring revenue on top of this report and also shows the deals that this amount is based uppon.
  2. We've exported the list of deals and it's id's contained in this report / overview.
  3. We've used the Pipedrive API to get the subscription value for each deal and summed this up.

The result is a total revenue that matches our backends, but doesn't match Pipedrive's total. So it seems that the total revenue that Pipedrive shows isn't correct.

Am i doing something wrong or is this a bug within Pipedrive?

@Dennis Lander