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I'm looking for a solution to do account plan and goals

For example a matrix with may top 10 customers and producs

Product1 Product2 Product3 Product4 Product5

Cust 1 Dez/10k Jan/25k 0 0

Cust 2 April/5K

Cust 3 etc etc

Thanks in advance


  • Beatriz Antunes
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    Hello JP!

    Thank you for your question here. If I understand correctly what you need to create are goals per product? If so, we unfortunately don't have goals per product specifically but we do have for deals won. Sending you an article on goals only so you can take a look.

    Also, take a look on the possibility to create Deal Reports with "View by" and "Segmented by" on Products. This way you will be able to see how your Products are performing in real time.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions 😊