Workflow Automation - Organization Criteria to Drive Deal Automations


I am trying to setup a workflow automation where if the Organization we are creating the deal for is an existing Customer PipeDrive will automatically update the deal probability.

When trying to set this up, it was requesting we pick an existing deal. Looking for any guidance on what I may be missing in terms of workflow setup.

Thank you!


  • Amit Sarda (
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    1. Add a dummy step for updating the Organization.
    2. Check if Won Deal is greater than 0 for the org.
    3. If it is, update the deal probability to whatever you'd like it to be.

  • Keith Barres
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    Thanks for the input, but I need to update the deal itself and not the org. We have a standard for what we want the probability to be in the event the customer has been a previous customer

    As a note Won deal count is not always accurate if this is an active customer or a subcontracted customer so we need to leverage a value on the org