Linking multiple PD contacts (but not PD users) to a deal...

Nick L
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Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!

So I've looked around but can find an answer to this one.

I need to link several contacts that are already in PD (but not PD users), to various deals as a way of tracking which team members will be supporting various deals.

I have set up a custom field on the deal using the "Person" option, and this does exactly as we need - but for only one contact.

I have not been able to see the option to add multiple persons, other than to write them out manually, but this would then lose the link between that individual's record and the deal.

Does anyone have a solution?

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  • Philipp Lauterbach

    If I understand you correctly you are looking to add multiple people to one deal rather than one person to multiple deals.

    In that case you can use the participants to keep track of all the people involved in one deal, from one organisation.

  • Nick L
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    Hi Philipp,

    Using Participants gets me about half way there.

    The functionality I'm looking for was to be able to use the group email function and to have the linked deal display on the individual contact's record.

    Not sure if there is a way to make that happen?

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  • Julie R
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    I just talked to customer support about this exact thing. We need to link multiple contacts (and sometimes multiple organizations) to a single deal or project. I was told that it is not currently possible, but they would submit it to product management as a feature request. The more people who talk about it here, the more likely they'll be to make it happen.

  • AJ Willoughby
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    Yes! this is very much needed. We have multiple clients where there are multiple people in that organization we have to communicate with regularly concerning a single project. By only having the ability to link one contact to the project, we are missing emails from others inputing on that project.

    I know that you can link multiple people to the organization. But we need the ability to link multiple contacts to the project as well.

    @Mike van der Valk Is this something in the works?????


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @AJ Willoughby

    I can best recommend you to our support team so they can find the roadmap of the right team. At this moment they are most aware of all the things in development