Converting leads into deals with specific label

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I have a small suggestion that could improve your already great product. So the task. I have a lead with a specific label. I need to convert it to a deal right away with a specific label. I sat for several hours, but could not find a suitable field. It would be cool and I think convenient if it were possible to set up automation and convert leads with certain tags immediately into deals with certain tags. Thank you!

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    You can do this with workflows triggering off of lead updated and "lead labels" contains xyz label then use the "convert existing lead to a deal", the only problem is when the lead is converted it will always go into the first stage of your Pipeline. You then need a second action if you want it in a different stage.

    In my opinion this is a huge flaw in the system since other workflows that may trigger when a deal enters the first stage of the pipeline will still trigger when they shouldn't.