Why can't we EXPORT the Summary data in Insights?

I've used Pipedrive for 4 years and have made this request to Support so many times it makes my head spin. Every time I make the request, they say "mention it to the Community". Well, here goes....

Why doesn't Pipedrive allow us to export the list of Summary data in Insights?

Why do I want this so badly? Product sales analysis.

I'd like to be able to export the total quantity of each Product sold in Won Deals over specific time periods... MoM, YoY, etc...so I can do comparative analysis in Excel or Sheets of sales trends and incorporate that information into product development decisions

It's easy to display the products sold over a certain time period...(View by Product, Measure by Number of Products) but once that chart is shown, you cannot export it as a list of the products themselves and their respective quantities. You can export a PDF picture of the chart...big whoop. Below the chart is a table that defaults to a list of the "Deals" those products were associated with, which you can export. Again, not helpful.

Next to "Deals" is "Summary", which shows the actual products and their quantities (the information I want!) as displayed in the chart. That list is NOT EXPORTABLE. It really should be. For almost 4 years I've been forced to copy/paste each page of this data into a Sheet and reformat it, which is a huge time waste and leave the door open to errors.

Pipedrive, the data is there in your system. Build an Export function on the Summary, please!

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