Feature Request: Standardised product notes

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I have a request and would be very happy if this could be implemented in the future. We would like to send offers and invoices via Pipedrive. 

To do this, we need to add the respective products to our deal. As we are a service provider, our item contents are mostly different, as we delete or add services depending on the discount or price. 

However, we would like to maintain a standard note per product. For example, we offer a package S as a service level. Then certain contents should be in the note, for example the hours, the contact channels or similar. If we grant a discount, we may have to adjust the note because we cut the service (e.g. the service hours). Currently, when creating a product, you can only add a description, but this is not then transferred to the product list. This is a great pity! In addition, the repetitive filling in of product notes leads to extra work and unnecessary errors. 

It would be great if a solution could be found soon that would make working with Pipedrive even more pleasant. 🤩

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