Can I track the cash value of each project management stage?

Hey, I use Trello and the 'Smart Fields' Power Up to track revenue across each project stage.

Each card features fields for...

  • Project value
  • Outstanding payment

And the top of each column shows the sum of both fields.

So - I can see how much cash my business is due from each project stage.

This is great for forecasting and prioritising my tasks.

Can Pipedrive project management do this?

This seems an obvious capability for a project management tool that's built into a sales CRM.


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Alex Napier Holland unfortunately at the moment the value of the project isn't recorded on the side of Pipedrive besides displaying it.

    I'll note it down for possible improvements for the Trello integration in the future, thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Mike, thanks for your reply.

    Why not mark this up as a feature for Pipedrive's native Project Management?

    I assume you want me to switch over from Trello and pay you an extra $8/month.

    I'd love to do everything in one place - and it's great to be able to turn deals into projects.

    But I really want built-in cashflow forecasting for each project stage.