Can anyone share experience of best way to setup Outlook email integration with selective sync?

Am new to pipedrive and realise the email privacy issue of complete sharing. Someone can add my personal email or another (non-pipedrive using) staff member and see all my emails. Too risky. So Pipedrive suggest use labels but i don't know how you use that effectively to isolate these emails from syncing - can anyone provide insight of how they've done this with outlook? As far as i can tell you can select what folders to sync not sure about labels in outlook? Also i don't want to choose what emails to share as will take too long to update and too much time to do it every day.

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  • Mariia Bubniak
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    Hello Matt,

    I use Smart Bcc for syncing.

    How it works:

    1) I copy Smart Bcc from "Deal specific address"

    2) then I paste Smart Bcc into BCC line in Outlook for my lead's email.

    After that, all communication is attached to Deals Card in Pipedrive.

    If you still have any questions, please, let me know.

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  • Matt Wey
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    Thanks Marria. I'm also going to try just emailing out of pipedrive where i'm emailing a contact. Hopefully the email system it decent.