(CLOSED) Looking for people to interview about Products in Pipedrive

Jess Stacey
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Have you ever been frustrated with the Products feature in Pipedrive? 

We’re currently researching the top problems and opportunities with the Products feature, so we can prioritise improvements this year. 

I am looking for customers to interview, to learn about their sales process and their needs for tracking products and services in Pipedrive.

If you’d be happy to jump on a quick call with me and the team in the next week, you can book a slot in my diary by following this link. 

Your feedback is critical to making Products a better solution in the future! 




  • Lou
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    I would be happy to talk through the product vs subscription issues. Almost all companies nowadays are looking to move to recurring revenue models but your CRM doesn't support it. The subscription function and product function need to be one thing

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