Has anyone got a report in pipedrive for Lead Velocity Rate?

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Hi everyone! I am new pipedrive and still wrapping my head around the insights reports. In all honesty I find the parameters quite limiting and I am struggling to build what I need without using a spreadsheet. In particular I am interested in a report that looks at Lead Velocity Rate, specifically this equation:

Lead Velocity Rate = (Number of qualified leads in the current month – Number of qualified leads last month) ÷ Number of qualified leads last month x 100

For qualified leads I am working with MQLs.

I would love to hear from anyone who has built a report to this effect and would like to share their recipe with me!



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    Hey, @hillz2000!

    In order to help you, it would be important to understand what exactly you mean with "qualified leads". Are those leads that are turned into deals? Are you using a custom field in order to flag those leads? How does that work in your operation?

    With that in mind, my suggestion is that you reach out to our Support Team via in-app chat or at support@pipedrive.com so that the team can gather details and examples, in order to look for ways to report on this.

    Thank you :)