Issue with transferring data from Deal to Project - multiple option field type

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I've created a workflow to create a new Project based on a specific template when a sales Deal is closed Won. I've also created some custom fields in Deals and matching custom fields in Projects (field name / field type / options). 

When the workflow triggers, the Project is created, but only some of the custom data field values transfer to the Project from the Deal.

I recognize that the custom field in Deals is not technically the SAME as the custom field in Projects, but I should be able to transfer that data across, regardless of field type. If there's a matching value in the target field, it should transfer. 

Has someone figured out how to make this work?

After speaking with support, I think it's a bug that needs to be addressed. I can't have my people wasting time re-entering data that has already been entered. 


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @KimV!

    This should only work for specific field types.

    Custom text and numerical fields should work, but single/multiple option fields this should not work via automation because for those fields you have to select a specific value for those fields, and a replacement won't happen only because they have the same value.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you for reading my question. Given your answer, my next question is ... what's the work around?

    The point of having custom fields of any type and using the Project module is to get data from the sales team to the implementation team without having to enter it twice (or more, as the case may be).