Managing several companies/pipeline with restricted access


Hi !

My Company has several entities and I would like each of them to have their own Pipeline to manage their own leads.

My Idea is to create one pipeline / entity but the limitation is I want the people from one entity to have access only to their own pipeline.

Do you have any idea how I can manage this point ?

Thanks !



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    Hi @Maxdo

    You could manage this by running a tool that would hook into pipedrive webhooks to make sure the visibility of deals, companies and person is always set according to the pipeline the deal is in.

    When a deal joins a Pipeline, this script would set the visibility to limited and add the followers. Of course you would need to configure the list of followers for each pipeline.

    Then you would need to think about some issues like what if a person has deals in both pipelines? Would you inherit deal visibility to person also? What about companies?

    Do you want people from one pipeline seeing persons associated with deals that are restricted to them?

    It is possible to achieve. I personaly would spin a vm on AWS and have something like laravel running on the side to make sure things get set as I want them.

    Hope it helps. I am available for hire.