What is the best way to launch traceable surveys?

Hi everyone!!!

I would like to launch a customer survey for our B2B Real Estate SaaS users. I would like to ask serveral questions to different profiles (segmented audience):

  • Trial users who accesed the platform and didn´t sign a contract
  • Trial users who haven't even accessed to our platform
  • Current customers

I am looking for the best external tool to launch this user survey, but I would like to avoid to ask them for their email address as we already have it, and I would like to keep traceability of the interaction of that user with the survey.

The only option that I have found is survey platforms, but I would need to ask for their email again, and that could be a hurdle to collect as many responses as possible.

Thank you in advance!


  • Luis Leal
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    Hi @ddutra !! Thank you very much for your answer. As I have not developer background, I will check with my colleagues and get back to you if necessary. I really appreciate your help!!!

    Take care