Lead Inbox - Can you mark a lead as "Unread" or change the flag per user?

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We have about 8 people using the lead inbox and people can pick what leads they want to pursue. If anyone clicks on a lead it unbolds the lead (marks it as read) for everyone. Is there a way to have this change so the "read" flag is on a per user basis vs organization wide? We need a quick way for each person to know if they have seen the lead. Since the leads are unbolded when anyone looks at them there's no way for each person to review only the ones they have not seen.


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Cyclone Covey!

    The Leads Inbox was built like that to prevent users within the same company to start working on the same Lead unnecessarily, and I'm afraid this default behaviour cannot be changed.

    As a workaround, my suggestion would be to create 8 single option fields (each one of those named after each user in the account) with yes/no options, and implement on your operation the process of marking "yes" under their own name when someone checks a Lead. This will also make possible for each one of those users to use this field on the list view, being able to know from the list view (without the need of entering each Lead individually) what are the Leads they have already checked and the ones they haven't.

    This involves some manual work, but will meet the need of having a quick way for each person to know if they have seen a Lead or not.

    I hope this helps.