Customer info messages to unsubscribed contacts?

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We are starting to use Pipedrive. We will use campaigns to send marketing newsletters to customers. If some contact unsubscribes, how to send them other customer relation messages like changes in pricing, terms, etc.? We have too many customers to send emails individually, and we are working in b2b.

If you have solved this, please share your good practices.



  • Noora Ainesjarvi
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    Hi Emilia,

    We are struggling with this issue too. Hopefully @Pipedrive will get solution at some point.

    Some kind of workaround cloud be Pipedrive's group emails:

    Go to Contacts -> people -> filter for example customers + "marketing status" unsubscribed

    Then you are able to send group emails in a batch of 100 contacts.

    BR, Noora Ainesjärvi

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