Trello to Pipedrive integration: adding comments

jonatascavalcant Member Posts: 1
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Hi guys, what's up?

My name is Jonatas, I'm new to Make and I'm trying to connect Trello <> Pipedrive CRM. 

Trigger: When adding any comments in Trello, send these comments to Pipedrive according to your business.

The business names are the same as they are in Trello. 

Problem: When making the links in Make, it is not being linked to the business. 

When adding a comment "Test 123", for example, it goes to every business. 

My idea is that each comment should be linked to your specific business.

In both Trello and Pipedrive, the nomenclature (name) is the same.

Practical example:

I have a card in Trello called "College of Wisdom", this same business has the same name in Pipedrive.

When I make a comment on the card "College of Wisdom"

in Trello on the "College of Wisdom" card, I would like to take the comment only to this business in Pipedrive.

Thanks in advance for the help, grateful for that!