BCC is creating endless new contacts

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Hi there

We're using a combination of Pipedrive mail but also still using Outlook mail, because Pipedrive mail just isn't good enough to use as a day-to-day mailbox.

We've turned on the smart BCC which we force for all outbound and incoming mail, so that even if we use Outlook we can sync the emails with the deals without manually needing to add the BCC address every single time (which would be tedious)

However, this is creating contacts for ALL the people we email, even between colleagues, to our suppliers, over and over again. If you email a colleague 10 times in a day, it creates that contact 10 times.

This is a horrific feature and seems like an enormous oversight by Pipedrive. Why can't I turn OFF the setting to create a new contact if the email doesn't exist? And why doesn't it automatically link things together, why create duplicates endlessly?

This seems really, really thoughtless to me and is something that should be addressed. We migrated from Hubspot because their support and some of their features for B2C customers was diabolical but in our first 10 days of Pipedrive there's basic, basic stuff like this happening!


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    Hi Nic!

    In this case, I understand that you are using our Smart BCC feature connected with automatic forwarding. The system itself is expected to be used manually forwarding and not really automized, so this probably also adds to the number of overall emails/replies and new creations.

    There is an option to turn the automatic contact creation off, please check with our Support team via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com. The team can check your account settings further and make changes if possible.

    However, there should not be duplicates from the same exact Contact anyways. This can be checked with our support team also, but I believe it is related to the same emails reaching multiple inboxes and having multiple owners for the Contact people. If you wish, our Support team can also take a deeper look into this with your account exact examples.