Update of Products Prices

Is there a setting that locks editing of product prices? I am currently trying to update prices of products and there is no edit option for the price however there is an edit option for description, sku and everything else.


  • Hey @Danielle Dowler !👋🏼

    I fully understand why this ability would be helpful however we currently do not have this option.

    I will forward your feedback internally, another good place for your own visibility would be sharing it here aswell: Ideas and Product Feedback

    Thank you for sharing!

  • TashaM
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    So you anytime you need to update your product cost you have to create an entire new product? And if you delete your old product, won't it also delete from any current deals it's associated with, so then you end up having to have a bunch of duplicate products in your list?

  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @TashaM,

    I could provide some clarity here. The questions were if we could lock/prevent the users from updating the Product price, which is sadly not possible, and if the person/user has access to the product, they can update the price and other details.

    To answer your question, you can edit the product's price anytime, but the price will not be retroactively updated to the existing deals.

    For example, if you assign $20 for a product and use this product in multiple deals, the deal value will be $20. Then, later on, if you increase/edit the price of the product to $30, the existing deals would still have $20, and the new price will be only applied to new deals