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I work for a company that sells technical medical equipment. We are looking for a way in PD / or 3rd party app that would allow us to manage a customers assets (i.e. product warranties, serial numbers, maintenance contract).

Ideally we would like this to to have a support ticketing function as well, to keep track to any support issues the customer may have with each product?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello @OllieC

    Managing this unique data within PD could get messy. Here are my thoughts:

    • product warranties: I imagine there is a lot of product sold to a single person/company. This would be messy;
    • serial numbers: just the same;
    • maintenance contract: This would be doable if each client has a single maintenance contract. Just create a custom field. You need to be notified about expiration? Thats another story.
    • Support tickets could be managed as projects.

    I am not aware of any tools that integrate with PD that do exactly what you want but there probably is one. Maybe you will need a custom integration with said tool. Hunting for a SaaS tool is always a challange and requires a lot of checking.

    Or you could build something that connects to Pipedrive adding a layer with the desired functions.

    How I would tackle this:

    • You probably use Google Suite or Microsoft 365. I would have Pipedrive create a sheet for each client where we would keep track of open maintenance contracts, serial numbers and warranties. This sheet would be a sheet for each company or person (who do you sell to?) and would be created automatically and linked to Pipedrive on a custom field that the sales rep can just click. That would give me flexibility.
    • If you use Pipedrive Products feature I would hook this sheet to the API to list the available products.
    • For open tickets I would use Projects.
    • For sold products what do you use? I am sure you bill the client somehow. I would integrate that on the sheet to import and sync sold products.

    Now depending on the requirements I would consider finding another SaaS tool to integrate or build something myself.

    Things that would be a challenging:

    • If you need to be notified about expiring warranty on products;
    • If you need to be notified about expiring maintenance contracts and you have multiple for each client.

    You could solve those with scripting but if you have a sheet for each client you quickly would have a bunch of scripts and you would have to set triggers to those. In Google Apps its doable.

    Hope it helps.

    As always if you need help implementing this I am available for hire. Just get in touch.

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    Hi @OllieC,

    I think your best bet is to create a bespoke system using nocode platforms like Glide, Softr, or Noloco.

    If you want a separate ticketing system, you can explore platforms like gorgias, Trengo, Help Scout, Zoko, etc.

    Once set up, you can then add links to deals/persons/orgs from Pipedrive to the bespoke system, and add links to tickets in the ticketing platform to the corresponding objects in the bespoke system.

    I have written about creating custom software for businesses.

    If you have any other questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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