How to show your employees that they’re valued

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High-performance organizations recognize that great ideas and initiatives can come from all levels.

Try showing employees they’re valued by removing status barriers and integrating teams.

For example, HPOs typically opt for an open workspace, where everyone works in the same space regardless of seniority.

Other ideas include:

  • Make private secretaries available to more people and move them to HR/administration
  • Standardize benefits and bonuses
  • Reduce the use of status signals (e.g. language and dress)

These initiatives make individuals feel like valued contributors, and help remove the feeling of being “above” or “below” others.

This can be tricky to achieve in sales, where it’s common for account executives to be seen as senior to development reps.

One way to solve this would be to ensure all reps work in the same physical space, use the same equipment and are incentivized on the same group-based structure.

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