Separate email conversations being merged together

I have multiple deals for the same customers. I have noticed sometimes that Pipedrive will merge separate email conversations together that is for 2 completely different projects. It is odd because these are new messages with new subject lines. This same behavior is not happening in my email clients. Has anyone else had this happen?

I did contact support a few months ago about this but they were not able to address it.



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    I always trough email clients (and pipedrive mailbox included) grouped threads together by subject line + from/to. Never given too much thought about it.

    Thinking about it it could use some code or id hidden within the email body. IE my gmail keeps threads together even when I rename the emails (which I often do).

    Maybe those emails have some copy+paste stuff that you got from within pipedrive itself after it processed your email trough nylas and now you have some residual code that identifies emails as threads? Its the service they use to keep track of opens and link clicks etc.

    Please provide more information.

    Hope my input helps and as always I am available for hire.

  • I am not sure what you are referring to but Gmail, my iOS Apple Mail, and macOS Apple Mail all identify these conversations as separate conversations. The big issue for me is linking each email conversation to their particular deal because Pipedrive has merged the 2 conversations together and they are referring to 2 completely different deals

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    It is not 100% clear to me what the issue is.

    I am assuming you link emails to deals manually on Pipedrive by going to your mailbox and selecting the deal on the sidebar and you are having trouble linking the individual messages to deals because the messages are grouped in a thread when it should not be. The problem is why Pipedrive is grouping emails in threads that should not be (different subjects but same contact).

    (I don't see this behavior on my setup - different message threads with the same contact are shown separately).

    It would help taking a look at the email full message. I suspect there is something in there that is making pipedrive join these conversations. Maybe something in your template which was copy pasted from elsewhere.

    This is the body of an outgoing email message sent from within Pipedrive. Please note there are headers and code in the body that identifies the message thread uniquely. Pipedrive may or may not use this to join conversations. I dunno.

    Replies may as well carry this body data.

    Since you have tried support with no success, I suggest you provide the community with some sample messages so we can take a look. If you want you can dm me a couple of them. Mostly interested in the full body of two messages that were joined together wrongly.

  • As I mentioned, it doesn't happen in all conversations but it is happening occasionally. Because of the nature of my business, I have multiple deals for the same customers. So occasionally having emails threaded together when they shouldn't be is a big problem.

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    Hey @Brandon Ingram !👋

    If you have any examples to share, our support team would love to investigate this for you.

    Please feel free to open up a chat anytime 24/7!