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Hi All,

We have a requirement to send out multiple emails to clients with specific email template content.

The requirement is as below

We have created a deal stage "First Contact" where we will move the clients we have contacted. Basis this deal stage, we want to send out emails to the client as below

For e.g. Client was moved to the deal stage on 20th Jan 2023

Send 1st email to the client on 23rd Jan 2023

Send 2nd email to the client on 27th Jan 2023 and so on

We created workflow automation where we selected the trigger as deal stage "First Contact" and then added a delay of 3 days for the first automated email templates to be sent.

Now, do we need to create multiple workflows for the remaining emails to be sent? or can this be added in one workflow only?

Also, in case post receiving the 1st email in 23rd Jan 2023 if the client contacts us back, we do not want the remaining emailers to be sent out to the client. Is there a way to handle this use case?

Any pointers to solutions within Pipedrive or a third-party tool that will help us will be appreciated


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    Hey @Pranab Deshpande

    "Now, do we need to create multiple workflows for the remaining emails to be sent? or can this be added in one workflow only?" If your goal is to send emails in sequence with delays between the emails, I don't see why you would need to create multiple workflows.

    Now, regarding the "if the client contacts us back", that might prove impossible to do with Mailer/Campaigns as it is. I don't have access to the product right now to check if there is a field that you can use as a condition that stores the date of the last email received. If there is you could use that.

    Anyway you will have problems. What if the client replies to another email not related to the sequence? What if the client sends you an email directly?

    That is one of the reasons I have integrated another product called ActiveCampaign. I find at this current stage that the features of PD for marketing automation are lacking.

    In AC you can easily do this.

    • Timed sequences;
    • Choose the time and day of week you wish to send;
    • If the client replies to one of the emails in the sequence only you can suspend the automation;
    • And much more.

    As much as I love PD, for marketing automation, I could not achieve what I needed to at the time.

    Hope my input helps and as always I am available for hire.

  • Amit Sarda (

    @Pranab Deshpande you can accomplish all of this in a single workflow.

    Just remember to add conditions to check the pipeline stage of the deal before you send any email.

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