Total Pipeline History by Month Report

I need a historical report showing my total pipeline for the trailing 12 months. Ideas?


  • ddutra
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    @Brent Frederick It is not clear to me what you want to achieve.

    What do you mean by "total pipeline"? What will be your indicators?

    Need more info but if Insights does not have wha you look for how I usually tackle reports is by either plugging Google Sheets to the API or using Data Studio from Google. Depends on the tool you have available.

    Hope it helps and as always I am available for hire for all things Pipedrive.

  • I appreciate that. I already have an Excel dashboard I have created. I don't want to go outside the automation available to get what I need. I am looking for embedded solution.

    Is my total pipeline growing monthly over the last 12 months or not? I am looking for a report that tells me that.