Zapier: PipeDrive pings Zapier too often - any workarounds?

Hey all - I'm sure many have seen this behavior, but we're trying to send a series of automations from PD to Zapier and onto Google Drive, Slack, and others. However, PD sends a request to Zapier every time someone makes any change in PD. This causes Zapier to see thousands of requests per month.

Here's what we're trying to do, maybe someone has a workaround to help us close this gap?

  • In the deal, we've enabled a custom field in our projects that, when set to "yes" , sends a trigger to Zapier, which then creates Google Drive folders and Slack channels -- all named and placed correctly.
  • However, the only way for this to work is to have Zapier watch for all changes coming from PD. This means that it's filtering through every thing coming from PD and just looking for the ones in which this check box has been set to "yes".
  • The workaround is for PD to update when deal stage changes, but this becomes too limiting for us because it means that deals must be forced to a corresponding stage in which the trigger then happens.
  • This becomes needless because not all deals need these automations to be performed.

Any thoughts on ways to build a workflow for Zapier to be triggered less needlessly?