Smarketing: Align your sales and marketing teams to boost revenue

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Here are some of the benefits that smarketing can help you realize:

  • Improved lead gen and nurturing: Teams work together to attract, qualify and nurture leads. For example, marketing can provide sales reps with content that pushes leads toward a purchase. 
  • Efficiency: Customer data is easily siloed. Share information across departments to help team members create better processes and content. 
  • Increased ROI: Better lead generation and efficiency leads to shorter sales cycles and greater ROI. With proper alignment, you’ll be able to track and measure sales and marketing campaign results more clearly (as they share common goals). 

Improved customer experiences. Unified communication channels allow you to share important customer information more effectively. This leads to a stronger understanding of leads across teams. You’ll be able to deliver a better overall customer experience as well as improve customer retention and lifetime value.

Click here for an in-depth guide to implementing a smarketing business system, as well as best practices that will help improve smarketing collaboration.

How well do your sales and marketing departments collaborate? Share your thoughts in the comments.