What best practices for setting up Deals?


I'm part of a small company working on a B2C service that's also meant to be B2B2C, in order to reinforce its legitimacy and reach more people through those businesses. That is why we have set up a Pipedrive account. We're going to be using it as a community-building tool most of all, with Campaigns as our newsletter solution.

Right now, in our Deals page, our pipelines basically go from "we made contact with X" to "X is now a brand ambassador". We're not looking to change that : however, each Deal currently equals one person, even if multiple of those persons share one organization at times. And while we haven't started any communication actions just yet, we're wondering if this is the right call, or if we should favor a "One Organization, One Deal" approach. Or something else! Basically, the best way to keep track of it all.

Has anyone been in that situation? If so, what ended up working out for you?

I'd be happy to hear from the Pipedrive community. Thanks in advance and good day!