Has anyone else had issues with the Postal Address fields in Smart Docs?

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When I add in the fields individually for the customer postal address the 'Town' field returns blank, the 'city' field always returns England.

If I insert the one singular Postal address field, it brings all the relevant and correct info but in one long line, not how an address is laid out for a letter.

[Person full name (person name)]

[Person postal address number (person postal_address_street_number)] [Person postal address street (person postal_address_route)]

[Person postal address locality (person postal_address_locality)]

[Person postal address city (person postal_address_admin_area_level_1)]

[Person postal address zip code (person postal_address_postal_code)]


Mark Peter Neasham

27 Kirkwood Drive


TS10 2SX

This is the address I have in in PD - 27 Kirkwood Dr Redcar and Cleveland England TS10 2SX United Kingdom

As you can see it completely misses the 'Redcar and Cleveland'

I have tried alternative fields but none of them return the town element

When I try this field [Person postal address (person postal_address)]

The address is returned as following

27 Kirkwood Dr Redcar and Cleveland England TS10 2SX United Kingdom

All info there but not the correct layout for a letter


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    Hi @Michelle_76806

    I think best if you can check and troubleshoot this directly with our Support team. Please reach out via in-app chat or email support@pipedrive.com. They are able to check further and understand what can be suggested.