How to set up an OKR for increasing overall sales team efficiency

Will Sigsworth
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First, define your objective.

For example: increase overall sales team efficiency

The more time your reps spend on selling, the more deals they’ll close. However, only 53% of respondents in the Pipedrive State of Sales Report 2020–2021 cited selling as their main day-to-day activity, suggesting there’s room for streamlining in most sales organizations.

When used intelligently, CRM tools and automation can give your reps more time to work on lead conversion.

Then, set up your timeframe, e.g three months.

Finally, set up your key results.

  • Key result 1: Arrange CRM refresher training for 20 sales reps
  • Key result 2: Automate three administrative processes using a CRM tool or other technology
  • Key result 3: Increase the average time spent on selling activities across all reps by 10%

OKR examples like this one are useful for inspiration, but work with your team to targets specific to your organization.

Click here for a guide on leveraging OKRs to improve performance, as well as seven OKR examples for inspiration.

Are your OKRs very specific or flexible? Which do you find works better for your business?