Real-time notifications of website visitors in PD databaseMy understanding is that website visitor

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My understanding is that website visitor notifications only happen on a weekly basis.

It would be outstanding if there were real-time notifications (push on the app or email) for website visitors who are already entered as Contacts/Leads in our database.

Progressive improvement would also be very appreciative. Meaning, daily notifications are much better than weekly. Who even remembers what they did last week?

Twice and thrice daily would be even better than daily overview notifications. And of course real-time would be the best so we can reach out to contacts/leads when they're visiting the website.

Additionally, it would be great if that data was logged automatically under the contact/lead, and a subsequent high intent/engagement notification was included. For example, if you're late stage selling and someone from procurement shows up... Or legal shows up... We should know that ASAP.

Thank you!

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