Mobile App Labels Don't Match our Labels in our Account Online ...

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We've set up automations to be kicked off when meeting a new contact (People) and labeling that person with a certain label.

The label is "Networking Lead." The thought is when meeting a prospect at a networking event (or anywhere for that matter), we can add them via the Mobile App and "Label" them accordingly ... which will Trigger an automation that:

  1. Creates a Contact/Organization
  2. Sends a "Intro" email template
  3. Schedules a Follow-up Activity (call) 3 days out.

Unfortunately, the labels in our Mobile App, do not match the custom labels we've created in our online account ... so the automation only works when we are logged into our account.

Does anyone have any knowledge around this challenge?





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    Please disregard and chalk this one up to user error. 🙂

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