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Jira allows the user to customise the cards on a board. Which makes actually scanning the board so much easier and effective. Pipedrive... not so much. You have to endlessly toggle between table and board mode. Super time consuming and inefficient.

Make cards customisable in Pipedrive by allowing the user to map their own fields... just like Jira. EG "I want to map a field from the person and a field from the company and a custom deal field to the pipeline card as the default mapped fields are not useful to me asside from the deal name"


Cards blocked by other cards... in jira this is a staple and has been for 15 years. This issue blocks this issue, ie do this thing before this other thing.

In pipedrive, this doesn't exist at all... you create a deal, then you later find "I should contact deal A 1st before contacting deal B"... but there is nothing in pipedrive that allows the user to get creative with the board and make is useful beyond a super basic trello board.

Basically, if Jira had better gmail integration, ie better email to issue mapping... I would use Jira in a hearbeat.

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