How to connect one mail address with different contacts?

Hey there,

I was already in contact with customer support, maybe one of you has a workaround for this issue (if this is not the right category, I'm sorry):

I am currently in contact with a management regarding different Podcasts. I created a new contact in Pipedrive for each Podcast. However, I only have one email address stored in each of these contacts.

The issue is that I cannot start different conversations to only one email address out of multiple contacts without getting Pipedrive confused and placing the whole email conversation in only one of the contacts and there are still mails missing.

For example: I start 1 email conversation in contact A and another conversation in contact B. Both have the same email address as receiver but different topics. Pipedrive puts these mails and the replys in contact C.

What can I do here? I can only connect 1 contact to the mail address.


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Katja_Beducated!

    Emails are linked to the oldest contact person that has a specific email address associated with it, and currently there is not much that can be done to change this behaviour. The only alternative I see suitable in this case is to turn off the automatic linking of emails and manually link each email to the corresponding contact.

    Nonetheless, we thank you for the suggestion and will share it internally with our Product Team!

    Thank you :)

  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Katja_Beducated

    I believe you had an answer from Support already, but indeed we are identifying emails and threads based on the actual email address, so in case it is shared by multiple Contact people - it is not really possible to identify where to attach.

    Are you also creating Deals for these Contact people? Where are you sending out the emails, under the Deal or Contact person or Email tab? Might have some differences linking this way also, especially with a Deal.

    Not knowing your data setup maybe it would make sense to mark these different Podcasts as Deals instead? And keep 1 Contact Person with 1 email address?

    Maybe someone else has also other ideas here...