Best way to send follow-up campaigns that are currently not ready/created?


Hi all,

currently we are discussing the best way to send automated campaigns to our customers.

Currently not every follow-up campaign/campaign-email is created and ready to sent but we would like to start with the first ones that are ready.

Is it possible to create a workflow on a later date that triggers when e. g. "campaign three" is sent?

Or is it possible to edit an ongoing workflow with a delay e. g. the delay is one week and in this timeframe we can add another step to the automation after the delay step to send our next campaign?

I know it is possible to create custom fields for contacts or leads and trigger an workflow when a specific value is set but we dont want to create a data mess with countless of new actions set every time when a campaign is sent only to trigger the next campaign.



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    I see you didn't receive any feedback on these questions, did support help answer any of them, i'd be interested to find out also, thanks!