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I am finally trying to make full use of PipeDrive.

I have created a meeting via Scheduler. The downside is, once someone books a meeting I can't seem to send them email reminders (24 hours and 1 hour) before the meeting.

Is there a workaround for this?





  • Amit Sarda (

    You can do this using Make/Integromat.

    Trigger: New Activity Created

    Condition: Activity of type X or subject Y (depends on your scheduler configuration)


    1. Calculate time until meeting
    2. Delay for each time period before the meeting.
    3. Send email reminders.

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    This might be a good idea, but unfortunately I always get the wrong time deliverd to Make.

    Steps to recreate this problem:

    Follow the actions described above but instead of sending an email, enter the information to a google spreadsheet. When I extract the due date, I always get on day before the actual due date.

    How to fix this?

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