Ability to report on Participants

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Please allow reporting and/ or view for PARTICIPANTS attached to:

  • Deals
  • Products
  • Other

This has been requested for several years and yet to see it resolved.

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  • Benji1982
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    Reporting on Contacts

    I was very excited on the announcement of the release of reporting against Contacts. And then sad on inspection as it seems only half way there. At present there is no reporting against Person or Participants which is surely fundamental.

    In our business, on the customer side there are usually two or three contributors to any Deal. This means we lose so much feedback as we can't build insights on Participants.

    Please can we have ability to report against Person and Participants with Labels? We still cannot get up close to what our customers are doing and who they are collaborating with.

    We would also like to see on insights a Person/Participants correlating with Activities (not just last activity date) and Deals.

    The idea would be that be we could see the participant/person on insights and the number of deals per year for example.

  • Thank you Benji, we have been requesting this for several years and are still waiting. Seems to be a query/ DB table issue they need to resolve. Not sure why they have chosen to overlook such a necessary reporting tool. However, we hope Pipedrive developers will address this request soon as other Apps have this a basic function. If more people voice their needs....like you, it could make a difference. Best Regards