Managing partner / resellers clients and projects

Dennis Rasmussen
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Hello Pipedrivers

I am registering my partners opportunities and deals in Pipedrive, so that i am able to keep track of progress and have reviews with my resellers on a deal to deal level.

I would like to use my reseller as "Parent" account, and then their projects as underlying clients.

Is there a solution for that ?

I would also like to logg e-mails from my resellers clients on theese deals, without registerring the end clients as contact persons on my reseller. Is that possible ?

Looking forward to hearing from some Pipedrive pro's 👍️


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Dennis Rasmussen

    We don't really have a way to use specific Parent accounts in a very visual way. We do have Organizations that can be Parent/Daugther relationships, but it is more of an informational connection for a detail vie. (Check Related organizations feature here).

    Maybe it would be helpful to mark Contacts and Deals with Labels? This would still mean that you add the resell customers also as your Contact People, but define them with a Label to exclude from some needed reports or lists etc? As Contact person would be the only way to link emails to Deals as per our automatic linking.

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