Prevent deal stage change until Activity is marked as DONE

Can Workflow Automations (or any other method) be used to prevent a deal being progressed to the next stage, until an activity is marked as Done?

The use case is when a mortgage application is submitted I create a 'Create Suitability Report' task activity with due date 1 business day. I'm trying to ensure the Report is created before allowing the deal stage to change.

Thank you.


  • Not with Pipedrive Workflow Automation, but should be possible with Make/Integromat.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Graham Cox_55849 as another alternative, you can also do something like having a custom field in your deal for that purpose. And an automation that sends that deal back to a given stage if a user tries to progress it while the custom field is empty.

  • Thanks for the suggestions Amit and Manuel.

    I'll set up the custom field option for now. But it would be great long term if this sort of functionality could be executed via Workflow Automations. I've got so many fields and until per pipeline fields is ready, it's very unweildy.