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Pipedrive Campaigns does not allow to create a public link to share them (in a social link or just to make sure people can read the content).

It would be great to add that feature

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  • Kate Andrew
    Kate Andrew Member Posts: 1
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    I agree a shareable link would be very helpful. We have trouble with emails reaching inboxes in govt departments so a shareable link on the website would save me having to recreate all newsletters on our website.

  • Minhaz Moosa
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    Any update on this feature?

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. Member Posts: 3
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    Any update? I would also be very happy this feature..

  • Charlie Chespack

    When will this feature be implemented?

    Two major issues with the current design:

    1. No 'view in browser link' prevents me from sharing our newsletter.
    2. Pipedrive doesn't allow emails within an organisation so how do I share my newsletter internally with the team?

    This request is now 9 months old without a response!

  • Pepinvin
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    Any news on this feature ? :)

  • Ryan Cudmore
    Ryan Cudmore Member Posts: 7
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    Also looking for an update on this feature. I have clients and partners that want to feature our content, latest newsletters, or more in their distributions and we can't do this at all through Campaigns. Any update on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • AI Makerspace
    AI Makerspace Member Posts: 1
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    How in the world is this still not a thing? This is the ONLY way to send a newsletter that has weekly or monthly issues, and the only way to send "back issues" in each newsletter. For example, having a section in your newsletter that says, "previous newsletters" is impossible with Pipedrive. It's also not possible to use previous newsletter issues as sales collateral! Come on guys.