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Pipedrive Campaigns does not allow to create a public link to share them (in a social link or just to make sure people can read the content).

It would be great to add that feature

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  • Kate Andrew
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    I agree a shareable link would be very helpful. We have trouble with emails reaching inboxes in govt departments so a shareable link on the website would save me having to recreate all newsletters on our website.

  • Minhaz Moosa
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    Any update on this feature?

  • Michael M.
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    Any update? I would also be very happy this feature..

  • When will this feature be implemented?

    Two major issues with the current design:

    1. No 'view in browser link' prevents me from sharing our newsletter.
    2. Pipedrive doesn't allow emails within an organisation so how do I share my newsletter internally with the team?

    This request is now 9 months old without a response!

  • Pepinvin
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    Any news on this feature ? :)