Evolve Pipedrive Podcast: #42 - Hints, George Levin

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George Levin, Co-founder & CEO of Hints talks us through how you can save 60 minutes of your day by using the Hints AI assistant to update your CRM for you. Hints is an AI assistant that makes it easy for you to update your favourite tools like Pipedrive and Notion via chat. You can use it to create and update deals, contacts, and tasks assigned to deals all done via a messenger like WhatsApp.

Check out the Hints demo: www.weevolvebusiness.com/integrations/hints-pipedrive-demo

Try Hints now:‍ https://hints.so

Podcast summary & key takeaways

On this episode of Evolve Pipedrive Podcast, Bruce Biggle interviews George Levin, the co-founder and CEO of Hints. They discuss George's startup journey and how Hints fits into the Pipedrive marketplace. He also discusses the journey of building his startup with his co-founders. George talks about how integrating Hints AI with Pipedrive can be used for various use cases and how it can save time and energy.


  • AI is a crucial component for Hints and business owners should be educating their staff on the technology.
  • Hints integrates with multiple messaging platforms, productivity software, and Pipedrive.
  • George discusses the importance of speed when launching a new business and how it can help unlock additional rounds of fundraising.
  • George from Hints AI talks about how their integration can be utilized for various use cases and how it can save time and energy.

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