Signed Contract should be a trigger for automations

We are all using Pipedrive to close deal. A deal is closed when a contract is signed (some would say that it's when the money is in the bank, but I won't debate this). Anyway, the most important thing for me is when a client signed a contract. This should be a trigger. Otherwise, the contract functionality is way less usefull than Docusign or PandaDocs.

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  • Hi there,

    yes this is an good idea. The docusign feature is also not available on zapier etc.

    But I think there can be a workaround for you: You get always a email if everyone has signed the document. You can use a filter on you mail-server and redirect this mails to an zapier email parser for example. So the trigger is the parsed mail and then you can start you automated workflows from this.

    Of course its not possible only with pipedrive but zapier is a must have for me. :)

    If you have questions just reply or book an appointment on my site:

  • The Docusign trigger is definitly available with

    If you like Zapier, have a look at or (way cheaper)

    Good idea for the email, will do.


  • Haha yeah. Sorry I mean for the docu signing tool in PD (smart docs) is no trigger :)

    the Parser will work. I use this for some customers already.