Does somone else have a need to re-assigng the letter to another Contact?

Hey everyone!

I recently faced a case where I needed to re-assign the email to another Contact. The email was assigned to the wrong contact. Frankly, I thought that it was easy to change that. But it appeared to be a tricky task. After contacting the support, I got the explanation: It is important to remember that the backend services link the emails to a person automatically, which we can't change. Changing it in the database won't do anything since the service will always revert it to the original person linked.

The only thing you can do is change the Deal linked to the email thread. 

 So I have decided to address the community and check if someone else had such a case. Any feedback is highly appreciated.


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    Hi @Alexander Ivanchenko

    In the Pipedrive system emails are linked to Contact people automatically based on their email address or possibly the email thread their Contact was included in. It is not possible to re-assign manually.

    I understand you checked this with Support already and from the system side it was not considered "wrong". Maybe depending on the issue they can just share some pointers on how to avoid it in the future too.

  • Hi @Kreete K!

    Indeed,  from the system side, it was not considered "wrong." On the other hand, this approach is not convenient. Moreover, it can cause issues in the business process.

    One of the essential functions of a CRM system is to help create a process that minimizes user errors and allows for quick correction of errors if they occur. The method I described needs to be revised because it does not allow quick revision of mistakes or imperfections. Therefore, this issue requires the attention of the product team.

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    I am not aware of the full details of this case, but you can ask our Support agents to share feedback with the Product team or give some more details and share the suggestion directly here in Community.

    I am not sure how easy/difficult adjustment this would be in the system, however, we really appreciate having all the info and suggestions made so we could take them into account for the future improvements.