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This morning I used the P shortcut and added a couple of leads just to get them off my chest. Came back a few minutes later to dig into them and add more details. I want to the people list and sorted by update date/time. They should have been right there and they are not. No other contacts have been added or updated. OK. Not happy about that. So I looked up the contact manually and added a note AND updated the Notes field in the detail section. Go back to person sorted by update date/time. Nothing. WTH? I work from that list a lot. 


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    Hi @Patrick Allmond !

    This is most likely happening because you're using a filter in your contact list without realizing it. Make sure that you select to filter by the owner of the contacts you want to look at, like in the image below.

    For example, if you want to look at contacts you own in Pipedrive, select your name. If you want to look at all contacts in Pipedrive regardless of who they belong to, select "Everyone".



    If the issue persists please clear the cache and cookies in your browser and try again, and if that is still giving you the same results please get in touch with our Customer Support team, who will help you with any further troubleshooting necessary.

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    That was it. Thanks.